Are there any apartments in Melbourne or Daytona with a guaranteed parking space?

Of course! There are plenty of options actually in regards to parking to keep your car safe and in tip-top shape especially since you're living where there is an overabundance of sand and salty air because of the proximity to the beach. These different options are private garages that are near your unit for an additional cost, which could also store cleaning materials and other items used to keep your car in flawless shape as well as anything else that needs to be stored like holiday decorations. Also, there are apartments that provide a separate multi-floor garage structure for residents to park their vehicle, and these typically also come with a gate to keep the garage secure which will also help reduce crime. Some communities offer covered parking spaces for residents to at least spare some of your vehicle from the elements and finally, apartments in Daytona or Melbourne also offer a guaranteed parking space so you can keep your car nearby so you can keep a close eye on it and run in and out of your home as needed.

Since not all of the previous options will be available in your area you may have to amend what you're looking for based on the part of town in which you want to live and what amenities in addition to parking ones that you desire. As you live in your community in Daytona or Melbourne you will get to know the shady areas and can park there to spare your car from the harsh Florida Sun or park under a tree to avoid the rainy season. To view the options for your apartment in Daytona or Melbourne with a guaranteed parking space or other parking amenities, go to the easy apartment guide at . Once you get there go down on the left where the criteria are listed and find where it says “Parking”. If you click on that you can specify whether or not you are looking for “Covered Parking”, a “Guaranteed Parking Space”, or “On Street Parking” or “Private Garages” for example. Once you click on what you prefer for your parking will populate all of the options of the apartments in Daytona or Melbourne that have what you have requested. If all else fails, ask a leasing agent. They would have the most beneficial knowledge about the community including if there are good spots to park and where they are located.

If you want to take care of your car in other ways, there are some communities that contain car wash areas or are near a professional car wash place. You can search for those apartments in Daytona or Melbourne by looking under the “Community Features” section and search for one near a professional car wash place by using the “Distance from a Location” section also on the left side of the search page on . To search for your new home nearby a car wash place just place the address for a car wash place you prefer in the box and indicate how close you want to be on the range meter. Once you do, our easy apartment search guide will generate all of the apartments in Daytona or Melbourne in that range from that particular car wash business.


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