When searching for a new Melbourne apartment I noticed an upcharge for first floor units, why do they cost more?

Melbourne apartments can be the absolute perfect place to find a new place to call home. Before you make any decisions on a new place to live it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each apartment unit you’re looking at. Different features in apartments can mean vast differences in pricing. Before settling on your perfect Melbourne apartment consider things that are necessary to you in an apartment. If you decide that you absolutely need to live in a first floor apartment most of the time you are going to pay at least a little more per month. This might seem silly but there are logical reasons behind it.

One of the biggest reasons first floor Melbourne rental apartments cost a bit more are because they are in such high demand. You’ll find that generally most people living in apartments covet first floor units. This is probably due to the fact that first floor units can be ultra-convenient in numerous ways that higher units cannot be. For one, first floor units are usually more energy efficient. When it comes to energy efficiency even a small amount of savings can go a long way. So even though you may spend extra money for a coveted first floor unit in your Melbourne apartment, it’s likely that you’ll save money, at least in the energy department.

Not only can first floor Melbourne apartments save you money they can also save you a lot of time and energy. Think of all the time you’ll spend moving into your apartment. Then think of all that time on top of having to haul all of your belonging up flights of stairs. Affordable apartments are always appealing, of course. But if you choose to upgrade to a first floor apartment you can save yourself time moving in and then out when the time comes. Not to mention having an apartment on the first floor can save you time on a day to day basis not only whilst moving in and out. Imagine struggling up stairs with an armful of groceries every time you go shopping, or hauling your laundry up and down several flights of stairs if you’re doing so at a laundry facility. First floor apartments can be extremely convenient and a huge time saver.

Many first floor Melbourne apartments are also home to several apartment upgrades or special features making them luxury apartments. Some of these features may include in apartment washers and dryers or aesthetic upgrades like beautiful hardwood floors.

There’s numerous different reasons first floor Melbourne apartments can cost a little extra. But if it’s in your budget opting for a little pricier unit can be extremely beneficial.

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