I just moved to Melbourne with my child. Are there any apartments in Melbourne that are within walking distance of an elementary school?

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Villas at Palm Bay
Villas at Palm Bay is one of the options of apartments in Melbourne nearby Riviera Elementary.

Moving to a new area especially with a child in elementary school can be a difficult adjustment and we at Sunstateapartments.com want to make that transition as easy for you as we can. For children, changing schools can be scary and meeting new friends, hard, so being within walking distance of the school makes parents feel a little more at ease over their little ones. Have you done your research over the elementary school options? If not, start there. Once you have a school or schools in mind that you'd like your child to attend our easy apartment search guide on Sunstateapartments.com can help you find the perfect apartment in Melbourne near your school of choice.

Using our easy apartment search guide on Sunstateapartments.com finding your new apartment in Melbourne will be a breeze. The easy apartment search guide allows users to narrow down their search from over 300 different criteria to find the right apartment in Melbourne for you. Criteria you can choose from are: number of bedrooms, rental rates, community amenities and if it's near a particular elementary school of your choosing. All you have to do to get started is click “Search Now” and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria. Go to the section that says “Brevard Elementary Schools” and click on the school/s that you'd like your new apartment in Melbourne to be nearby. Another option is go to the section that says “Distance From My Location” and put in the address of the elementary school that you'd like your apartment to be nearby. Then slide the bar underneath to the amount of miles you'd like your apartment in Melbourne to be away from that school.

Once you select the different criteria that you want in your apartment in Melbourne our easy apartment search guide will populate all of the options in Melbourne that fit what you are looking for in your new apartment. Take a look at the apartments in Melbourne that are left and choose the best for your lifestyle and needs. If you can't decide just from our website, you can always just call up the apartments in Melbourne that you like and schedule a tour, find out what they offer, and if there are any specials. Additionally, you could also just go out to those apartment communities yourself and take a look at the property and the walk your child will have to school and then pick the perfect fit for you.

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