I love my electric car. Are there electric car charging stations in Daytona?

Going green isn’t just making the conscious decision to minimize your carbon footprint. Living a green lifestyle is making the decision to save the planet. Whether you recycle, use energy-efficient appliances or compost your own garbage, it’s about doing better for Mother Nature.

If you live in Daytona and drive an electric car, it’s obvious you’re going to need to charge it when the time comes. Sunstate encourages sustainable living whether it’s in your apartment or your car. Finding where you can charge your awesome eco-friendly car doesn’t have to be so hard. There are three locations in Daytona Beach where you can charge your electric car.

You can find your charge at these following locations:

  • Daytona Nissan on N. Tomoka Farms Road
  • Buffalo Wild Wings on West International Speedway Blvd.
  • Daytona Mitsubishi on North Nova Road

You’re being responsible and you’re saving the planet – don’t wait until the last minute to charge your eco-friendly car. For more help finding where you can charge your car, CarStations.com can show you where these stations are on a map.

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