Can I let my dog walk off its leash in my Melbourne apartment community?

Living with a dog in a Melbourne apartment can be quite a bit of an adjustment; especially if you and your dog are used to living in a traditional house with a front and back yard for them to play. But it’s of the utmost importance that you follow community guidelines in your Melbourne apartment when it comes to your dog. There is no apartment community in the area that will want you walking your dog off leash in the apartment community. So as not to break any rules it’s highly important that you keep your dog on leash at all times throughout your Melbourne apartment community.

You may find that some apartment communities are quite pet friendly and some even have dog parks onsite for their residents and their loved pets. However, this doesn’t mean that one should feel free to take their dog off leash in the community. Many dog parks in apartment communities still require that your dog be kept on leash for numerous reasons.

Having to keep your pet on leash in your Melbourne apartment community might seem like a burden but it actually has quite a few benefits. It can greatly assist in keeping your dog injury free. Whether it’s from other dogs that may be living in the area who will also in turn be on leash instead of free to come bite or attack your loving pooch. It’s also important to remember no matter how well a dog is trained, accidents can happen. Your dog could be happily running and playing and turn a corner ahead of you and get hit by a car. Keeping your dog on leash will prevent this and can assist you in knowing where your dog is at all times without the risk of them running off.

Keeping your dog on leash can also help protect those around you; both people and other animals. Even if your dog is sweet and loving they could get too excited and jump on people or even a child, knocking them over. Keeping your dog on a leash helps prevent this from occurring which can keep you less stressed and I’m sure your neighbors will be appreciative that your dog is controlled. Keeping your dog on a leash can also prevent wildlife in the area from being harmed. Dogs have the tendency to want to chase after things like birds, opossums, or stray cats. Keeping them on a leash prevents them from simply running at whatever they please.

Keeping your dog on leash in your Melbourne apartment is of the utmost importance. Not only can it help keep your dog safe it can keep other animals and people safe as well which is what everyone should want at the end of the day. Your neighbors will surely be appreciative that your dog is on leash and so will your landlord! As always, remember to clean up after your dog if they make any mess in your apartment community.

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