Why don’t all apartments in Daytona allow pets?

Daytona is a great up-and-coming area for not only families but young professionals and students as well so it's a great choice for you and your furry friend. Having a pet can add a little more happiness to our lives and can keep you and your apartment safe from intruders; however they do sometimes make your home a little more messy and have special needs that require attention like having to be fed and let outside. Because of this, owners are not required to allow pets in all their rental properties unless it is a service animal and that accomodation is required by ADA laws. I don't know what I'd do without my dog, so I can understand the desire to not leave your pet behind. Not every community is against pets, there are quite a few that are pet-friendly. This is because it allows owners or communities to increase the amount of prospective residents. To offset the risk of the damage that could be cause by a pet, most communities require a one-time pet fee upon move-in or a monthly fee per pet. Here's how you get started on your search for a pet-friendly apartment in Daytona.

To find your dog-friendly apartment in Daytona use our easy apartment search guide on SunStateApartments.com in Daytona to help decrease the options of new places to live by selecting communities and units that are dog-friendly. To begin your search you can use the easy apartment search guide by first clicking “Find Your Apartment”. Then, down on the left-hand side you'll see the different criteria from which you can tailor your new home. Go to the section that says “Pet Policy” and you'll see the types of pets listed. Just click on the box next to “Dogs”. Once you've done that, you'll be left with all of the dog-friendly apartments in Daytona. Other unit or community preferences you may want to consider in your new home are tile or wood floors, a yard, picnic area, or dog walk, for example. Once you make your selections, the site will automatically limit the options the apartments in Daytona to those that are dog-friendly. Using this easy apartment search guide you can also search for other criteria that you desire in your apartment in Daytona like: rental rates, number of bedrooms, lease length, or other amenities that you'd like in your home.

Now, SunStateApartments.com in Daytona has provided you with the options for your new dog-friendly apartment in Daytona. Take a look at them and see where they're located in Daytona, what they offer, what they charge for rent, and what other dog-friendly amenities they offer to you and your furry friend. At this time, you may also want to inquire about their specific pet policy and whether or not there is a breed or weight restriction. Some communities are very specific and don't even allow an animal as small as a gerbil. So don't only inquire about just dogs, if you have any pet, even a fish or hamster, ask! Once you have and feel comfortable with the pet policy, pick the apartment or apartments in Daytona you think looks best on our site and contact them to find out more information or schedule a tour of the property and a unit to gain additional information. Once you do, pick your apartment in Daytona and move in today!


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