How do I find a Daytona apartment with lots of security features?

As someone who double (sometimes triple) checks to make sure her doors and windows are locked at night, I can definitely understand wanting to live in Daytona apartments that have a lot of security features. Daytona often gets a reputation as being a little bit wild - after all, why else would thousands of spring breakers flock there every year? The area has a lot to offer besides beaches for college students on vacation though, and if you would like to live in one of these lovely communities, you will definitely want to find a place that makes you feel at ease.

Fortunately, makes it really quick and easy to find places to live that have the security features you are looking for. When you get to the homepage, click that big green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You will then see on the left-hand side that you have tons of options that will then narrow down your search for your perfect community. For features throughout the complex, click "Community Features." This will give you a list of qualities to choose from. You might like to check the "Yes" button for Courtesy Patrol, Gated Community, Controlled Access, or any combination of the three of those. This will then adjust your search so that you only see Daytona apartments that offer these qualities. As well, you can search under "Apartment Features" for communities that have an alarm system for their apartments. Once you have narrowed down your search to the security features that you are looking for, you can pick from those offered to find the new place that really fits you and your personality.

As well, if you are looking to live in a particular neighborhood - I know I feel more secure when I am living near people I know - you can search for that too. Just go to and click the "Find Your Apartment" button. On the side panel, you will see where it says "Neighborhood." Click the plus button, and you will be offered a menu of different neighborhoods in the area. You can check any combination of these or just check "All." If you would like more information about each of these different areas, you can click on the information icon to the side of them. This will take you to a new page that tells you all about the area and what it has to offer. You can also be more specific in your search to be nearby a certain place by using the "Distance from a Location" button on the sidebar. When you click the plus button for that, it allows you to search for an address and the distance you would like your new home to be away from that place.

Apartments in Daytona certainly have a wide array of security features. You can find the combination that you are looking for by using these tools on Then it's just a matter of choosing the place that best fits you!

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