Since I'm in school, are there Daytona apartments with shorter leases?

As a college student myself, I totally understand that you have more than enough to worry about than finding Daytona apartments that will let you sign a shorter lease for the school year. You need to focus your attention on homework, extracurriculars, work and everything else in your life - your new home should be a place that makes you relax, not fret! Fortunately, Daytona is home to many different complexes that offer you all kinds of lease options. By choosing one of them, you can focus on what's really important: school!

The trick to finding this perfect place to call home is to make your way over to the apartment guide at It is thorough and comprehensive, so you'll initially find dozens of apartments in Daytona - then you get to narrow it down to the one(s) that is/are right for you! To get there, just click the big, green button that says "Find Your Apartment." You'll see that there are over 300 options for you to choose from in your hunt, and you can play with them all soon enough. The feature you're looking for at the moment is "Lease Lengths by Month." Once you click the blue, plus sign next to it, you can adjust the lease length to anywhere between 1 and 15 months - remember to do it from both sides! The search will then adjust so you only see Daytona apartments that have the length you're looking for.

Now, it is definitely convenient to have the shorter lease, but there are some things you need to know about when you're signing for one. You will probably have to pay a higher premium for apartments in Daytona with a shorter lease than you would with one that's more typical. This is because these apartments will have trouble finding someone to fill your place for the few months that you aren't there, so they feel like they are going to lose money. However, even by paying this higher premium, you will probably save more money than if you were paying the rent for any of the Daytona apartments while you weren't living there. Also, be aware - all of these apartments will have different prices for their premiums, so you want to ask about them before you sign.

Most of the apartments in Daytona will also offer you the opportunity to sublease your space. You will find that you have several friends and acquaintances looking for Daytona apartments when you're trying to be done with yours. This is an awesome option, but there are some effects with it. You may end up paying extra fees to sign over your lease to a new person, or you may end up offering someone a discounted rate while you pay some of the rent so that they choose your apartment over someone else's. Even through this, you definitely end up saving money on Daytona apartments.

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