How do I clean my vinyl floors in my apartment?

Cleaning your vinyl floors in your apartment is simple.  First, there are a few things you do not want to do when cleaning your vinyl floors.  1.  Don't dump a lot of water on the floor, you only want to use enough water to get it damp.  2.  Don't use bleach, it will take all of the color out of your carpet where it meets the vinyl and or can get on your shoes and then you have white/bleach foot prints on your carpet.  3.  Don't use dish washing liquid/soap to clean your floors.  It's supposed to cut grease, but ends up leaving a sticky film on the vinly and can cause build up and yellowing of vinyl over time.

You also want to be careful when mopping around the edges.  Anywhere the vinyl meets another surface; carpet or cabinets.  Water is bad for carpet and attracts dirt. The vinyl is usually caulked at the edge to the cabinets, so you don't want to clean away the caulk.  Also, you don't want to get the cabintets wet as they are wood and this could cause the to get water damage.

So how do you clean your vinyl floor?  You can use just water and a mop, but adding some vinegar or "pine sol" type product can help cut thru any grease or residue build up.  Damp mop and let air dry.  Done.

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