Is the Space Coast Brevard County? Im confused.

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Grand Oaks
Grand Oaks is located in Melbourne.

Brevard County apartments are located in the Space Coast. Often times the Brevard County area is commonly referred to as Florida's Space Coast. As the two terms are used interchangeably, it can sometimes be confusing for those who are not familiar with the area.

Apartments in Brevard County are located alongside 72 miles of beach following the Atlantic Ocean coast.  Also known as the Space Coast, the region gets its name from President John F Kennedy himself. The area consists of Melbourne, Palm Bay and Titusville. Now that the confusing is cleared up, you may be wondering what it may be like to live in or near the Space Coast area.

The Space Coast district is commonly known for its outdoor fun.  Albeit sunbathing on the warm soft sand, there is plenty of water sports to partake in. This includes surfing, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing and more. There are also a number of hiking trail and nature escapes throughout the tri state area where many enjoy taking in the Florida sites.

With the outdoor entertainment also comes the influx of tourist attractions. As a result, there are plenty of hotels throughout the county. Near most of these areas are tons of shopping plazas, restaurants and bars. The nightlife scene is also quite lively, especially near Melbourne. Although there is much tourism influence near Brevard County apartments, it is rarely a nuisance.

Housing comes in a variety of types throughout the different districts. Some communities pride themselves on offering golf course or ocean views, while other apartment or condo properties offer high-rise buildings, resort style amenities or one bedroom lofts. There are also many suburb type of neighborhoods, with local schools placed just outside these areas, allowing convenience for family residents.

Many find that the region tends to be quite affordable, especially those located in Titusville. The quaint-like costal town offers an inviting atmosphere for an affordable price. Although this neighborhood may be a further drive from some of the major roadways, residents love its naturistic elements and small town feel.

The majority of the area enjoys warm summers and mild winters. Do not expect to view the changing of seasons while living in the East Coast of Florida. However, be prepared to enjoy warm tropical weather throughout the year.

In general, Brevard County is also referred to as the Space Coast. This area consist of three different areas: Melbourne, Palm Bay and Titusville. Housing seems to be quite affordable, offering different types of neighborhoods and housing. Many of the residents build their lifestyles around Florida's outdoors, often partaking in surfing, fishing or sunbathing. There are plenty of things to do at night including dinning at fine restaurants or bar hopping as well. The weather in Florida's East coast tends to be generally warm throughout the year

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