What other beaches are near Daytona?

Are you considering living in apartments near Daytona? There are several beaches near Daytona to take advantage of.

When living in Daytona, many beach goers and enthusiast get the benefit of enjoying the town's warm waters and golden rays. Daytona's shores are the perfect location to experience nearly a year of satisfactory weather. If you are searching for apartments near Daytona where the sand and sea meet, there are several different beaches surrounding the local surf town.

Brevard County is home to several different beaches. With the Atlantic Ocean cuffing Daytona's shore-line, the area has become infamously known as the “Capital of East Coast Surfing.

Located closest to Daytona is most obviously Daytona Beach.  If you are new to the area, you may find Daytona Beach to be a favorite after learning that the city allows residents and visitors to drive on the beach. However, driving is minimal and restricted to purely beach access. Meaning, these shores are not used as any sort of highway or roadway to travel in and out of town. Instead, its primarily used for slow riding beach cruises and traveling from one end of the beach to the other. Additionally, Daytona Beach is also known for its wild spring breaks. Each year many eager college students travel to the beach destination. Accordingly, if you are hoping to escape any sort of tourist attractions, Daytona Beach may not be your ideal location.

Satellite Beach is just outside Daytona Beach and is located just off of A1A. These waters are more familiar amongst locals and families as opposed to spring breakers. However, properties may be costly in this area due to its remote nature and high demand homes.

Melbourne Beach is a little drive away from Daytona apartments, however, it's a major and well-known destination filled with entertainment. Many affordable communities surround the area along with great schools and highly reputable residential neighborhoods. It is good to note that many parts of Melbourne Beach are experiencing rapid growth and expansion. As a result, there have been more traffic complaints and on-site construction.

Cape Canaveral is a very well known beach in town. Although it is more known for its cruise ships, it is also home to many outdoor recreations. Cape Canaveral has a flourishing night life, often turning its coast into outdoor night clubs.

There are several beaches throughout Florida's East Coast. While Daytona and Melbourne beaches happen to be the most popular shores, there are several East Coast waters throughout the city. If you are searching for apartments near Daytona that may be near a body of water, you can be certain that you will run into the Atlantic shores throughout the town.

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