I moved to Daytona Beach for the beach. How can I find apartments near the beach?

Daytona Beach has plenty of apartment communities that offer what you desire from rental rates, number of bedrooms, pet-friendly options, and finally its proximity to the beach. To view the options, go to the easy apartment search guide at Sunstateapartments.com where you can customize your apartment search by whatever criteria you choose: number of bedrooms, amenities, lease length, and rent price. Click on “Search Now” and once you get there go down on the left where it says “Neighborhood”. If you click on that you can specify in what region you'd prefer your apartment in Daytona Beach to be located. Once you choose those specifications Sunstateapartments.com will populate the options of the apartments in Daytona Beach that have what you have requested. If you're looking for your apartment to be nearby another area in Daytona that is listed in order to experience it often, you can also use the apartment search guide for that too. You can just click on the specific area of town where that activity is located, and there you go, all of the options for your apartment nearby that location and you'll still be near the beach! Additionally, if you want your apartment to be close to a specific area of the beach, a specific hot spot on the boardwalk (or paved area alongside the beach), or some other specific location in Daytona Beach, use the easy apartment search guide again on the Sunstateapartments.com homepage go down on the left to where it says “Distance from my location” and put in the address of the place you'd like your apartment to be nearby. After you put in an address, move the bar underneath and choose the amount of miles you'd like your beach apartment to be away from that location and again the apartment search guide should populate options for your apartment in Daytona Beach within that mileage from your chosen location. Now, all that's left is to choose one of your beach apartment options. At this time, take a look at the options left: their location, what amenities they offer, and rental rates and select the one in Daytona Beach that is the most beneficial for you. Once you've decided, or you get it down to a select few, call them up, find out what specials, if any, they offer, schedule a tour, and then pick one. Now you've found your new apartment in Daytona Beach!
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