What areas should I search in if I want to find Melbourne apartments?

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Legacy Hibiscus Park
Legacy Hibiscus Park is located near Palm Bay.

Melbourne apartments are located in Brevard County, Florida. If you are searching for apartments near Melbourne, there are over twenty-three neighborhoods to consider when looking for a suitable and sustainable living space.

When first thinking of Melbourne, you may quickly envision an over-populated tourist town. However, you may be surprised to find that Melbourne is quite the opposite. From Space Coast to Palm Bay, many have found that this rapidly expanding city is quite the inviting town.

Of course the beach-town is known for its big surf and sunshine, but that is not all that makeups one of Florida's best-kept secrets. Melbourne is actually a quiet city, invoking a small city feel.  However, Melbourne is a growing community and its infrastructures are building faster than the other surrounding cities, making some apartment searching to be quite difficult. However, if you learn the basics of how the city is comprised, it may help make searching for your new home a little less complex.

Melbourne apartments are dispersed throughout the city.  The city, however, is broken up into many, many townships. For example, there is seaside towns. West Melbourne, Melbourne Village, Sunset Lakes, Titusville, Viera and more! So, how do you find which location is best for you?

Although there may be no easy answer, the best way to learn about which area may be most accommodating is to learn about some of each subdivision's characteristics.

Melbourne apartments located in West Melbourne are made up of Palm Bay and the Titusville area. This part of town is one of the larger neighborhoods in the region, however it is arguably less populated. Although there are plenty of rental properties in these parts of town, the majority of residents tend to be homeowners. Almost 50% of the populations are 50 years old and younger, making up to be quite a young group of residents. There are several hospitals, schools and entertainment surrounding the area. However, parts of the Western communities are located further away from the mainland areas, creating a longer commute when looking to travel in and out of town.

Melbourne Village is located within Palm Bay and can often be claimed as part of the West district. This district is one of the smallest in the city. If you are searching for a small-town feel, this located may be quite accommodating. Traffic is less cumbersome in this particular area, however, entertainment is also more limited.

Seaside is located in the center of surf and sun. Although known to be more of a retirement town, there is actually plenty to do for nearly every individual. There are several nearby restaurants, bars and shops. It may be worthy to note that many of these properties do tend to more expensive since these communities are located right on the water.

In general, neighborhoods throughout the Brevard County city are kind of mixed within each other. Palm Bay, Viera and Titusville are all nestled in close to one another, taking on similar characteristics. Conversely, those properties located beachside may be quite costly.

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