What is an all inclusive lease and do any Brevard or Volusia county apartments offer them?

When looking to rent a Brevard or Volusia county apartment you may want to consider an all inclusive lease. With an all inclusive lease you get a lot more out of your monthly rent than just a roof over your head. There are quite a few services that get bundled with your monthly rent when you sign an all inclusive lease; which can be great for those who can be forgetful or don’t manage time or money too well.

However, it’s important to remember that many times certain services will put “caps” in place on your usage. This can mean that you only get to use a certain amount of energy per month for it to be included in your rent. Depending on your leasing agreement you will either pay a penalty for going over your “cap” or you will have to pay the difference. So before you move in or sign an agreement I suggest browsing your current bills to get a general idea of how much of each service you use per month and go from there. There are quite a few ways you can save on energy and water usage if you feel as though you are currently overusing your services. Don’t leave the lights on when you leave the house, if you can go ahead and give your air conditioner a break and shut it off for a while, don’t let the water run endlessly while you’re brushing your teeth, and either turn the TV before bed or put it on a timer if you like to fall asleep with it on. These are just a couple of small things you do to ensure you stay within the “caps” in place on your lease in your Volusia or Brevard county apartment.

Quite a few Volusia and Brevard county apartments offer all inclusive leases. Many times the services included in your rent when living in a Brevard or Volusia county apartment include; internet access, cable TV, electricity, water, and trash removal. Services like internet and cable TV don’t usually put any restrictions in place on how much you use them so feel free to binge watch TV on those sick days at home, or use the internet to binge watch Netflix in bed. The utilities you usually have to worry about with “caps” in place are electricity and water. So make sure you’re not using more than you need when it comes to electricity and water.

Brevard and Volusia county apartments are a great place to cozy into and sign your all inclusive lease. Just make sure you’re aware and vigilant when it comes to any restrictions in place on your services and never skip out on those monthly rent payments (no matter how forgetful you are) and you should be set in your new Brevard or Volusia county apartment.

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