I am active. What amenities are offered in my Melbourne apartment?

With life, comes lots of indoor time.  Time at work, time cooking and cleaning at home, even the occasional time we get to sleep.  So, the very last thing you want to do on your downtime is stay inside, which is understandable.  Apartments in Melbourne offer many great amenities for those who prefer an active lifestyle. 

Do you have children? You can find apartments in Melbourne that have playgrounds.  What a fun way to spend time as a family, by playing on the playground.  What about a pet? You can find Melbourne apartments that offer a dog park.  Why not take your family and your pet on a picnic and enjoy the outdoors that way.  You can find Melbourne apartments that offer picnic areas under the trees on the property.

For the sports enthusiast, you can find many great amenities offered at most Melbourne apartments.  For instance, if you like to play basketball, you can find open air basketball courts on the premise.  Are you a tennis champ?  You are in luck.  Several apartments in Melbourne offer a tennis court on site for those who love to actively play tennis.  What about swimming?  Is that the way you enjoy your downtime outside?  Then, you will find that most Melbourne apartments offer swimming pools, most are resort style which feature pool-side lounges with outdoor kitchens and community BBQ grills available.  What a great way to soak up the sun and have fun on your downtime.

Do you want to get away from your Melbourne apartment and enjoy some time outdoors.  Melbourne offers some fun outdoor opportunities.  One of the top attractions in Melbourne is the Brevard Zoo.  The zoo is home to more than 650 animals which represent more than 165 species.  You can even feed some of the animals such as a giraffe or birds.  If you like the water, you can kayak or take a paddle boat ride around the zoo.  The zoo also has a train that will take you around the zoo and even get you up close and personal with some of the animals. 

Another fun attraction, located inside the zoo, is Treetop Trek.  This is the Brevard Zoo's new outdoor aerial adventure.  You can test your skills on one of three courses with offer varying degrees of challenges.  You can ride the zip lines, located 40 feet above ground, will take you zooming more than 700 feet across the wetlands and by alligators.   Want something a little less challenging, you can try out the canopy walk which is another zip course that takes you 20 feet in the air where you can zip through the beauty of the area and parts of the zoo.  They also offer a chutes and ladders course for children which features 20 challenges specifically designed with them in mind.

If you want a calmer day outside, you can head to Paradise Beach and Park which features lots of sun and sand along with beachside shopping and dining.  Or you can visit the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands.  This preserve features a lot of nature and wildlife.  You will want to make sure to bring your camera.  You will have a lot of opportunities to photograph the wildlife and the birds are amazing in the area.

As you can see, finding an apartment in Melbourne that offers you a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life to get outdoors and unwind will not be a problem.  Melbourne has so much to do for an outdoor enthusiast, from beaches to animal watching, and everything in between.  When searching for the perfect apartment in Melbourne, check out the outdoor amenities they offer and see what fun in the sun is lurking right around the corner.

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