Driving in and around Brevard and Volusia Counties

Figuring out how to get around town with out having to consult GPS is just a matter of time. Once you get used to the new area zipping around town will come easily. But, if you need a little help getting orientated in your new city, here are some of the major roads and highways you can use to find your way.

  • I-95

    95 is an interstate that runs north to south from Maine all the way down to Miami. It sits a little inland of some of the other main roads, but allows you to get from point A to point B with out having to stop at lights and deal with traffic. On the other hand, it can get a little backed up during rush hour and come to a stand still if their is an accident.  So you may find surface streets are quicker. Just depends on where you are going.

  • A1A

    A1A also runs north to south all the way down to Miami, but runs right along the coast. It provides a very scenic view, but isn’t always the quickest route. Unlike 95, it runs through the heart of every city and town and has lots of  traffic lights but the traffic is generally not heavy except during peak beach season. Going to the beaches? You will likely end up on using A1A at some point to get beach access.

  • Bennett Causeway

    Runs east to west and connects A1A and 95 before turning into a toll road and an express way that goes straight to Orlando. It also connects Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island to the mainland.

  • 192 (Space Coast Parkway, New Haven Ave, and 5 avenue at different points)

    192 runs east to west and connects Melbourne beaches with the mainland. It then shoots out west and north towards Orlando and St Cloud. Usually pretty crowed near the beaches, but an easy direct route to Orlando.

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