Set up utilities for apartments in Brevard and Volusia Counties

Before you move in, you will need to make sure your power is turned on. Also, it is a good idea to set a turn on date prior to your move in date. The last thing you want to do is move in the hot Florida summer with no air conditioning!  Remember you will likely be required to provide a deposit if you are opening a new account.

Both Brevard and Volusia counties use Florida Power and Light company. They can be contacted through their website at New account holders will be required to pay a deposit to get the power turned on. The amount of the deposit usually depends on your credit score. Contact Florida Power and Light a few days before you want the lights on because they often charge an extra fee to have the power connected right away.

Unlike power, you have choices when it comes to cable and internet providers. Brighthouse is the most commonly used cable and internet company, but you can also choose from satellite providers.

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Check out our list of Brevard and Volusia County apartment utility providers:

Brevard and Volusia County Apartment-Internet Service Providers (ISP):

Brevard and Volusia County Apartment-Cable TV Providers

Brevard and Volusia County Apartment-Satellite TV Providers:

Brevard and Volusia County Apartment-Telephone Providers

Brevard and Volusia County Apartment-Electric Utilities