Pet Friendly Apartments on the East Coast of Central Florida

If you have a pet, most apartments in Melbourne and Daytona will embrace them with open arms! Read on to discover some helpful tips about searching for puppy and kitty friendly communities on the coast. 

Looking for furry friendly apartment in Melbourne or Daytona?

  • Deposits and Pet Fees - What you can expect

    When considering cost, pets are always going to be an extra expense. Make sure you find out how much those extra costs will be. For example, most communities will require a pet deposit, which is usually non-refundable. Even if your pet does not damage the apartment in any way, you will not be able to get that deposit back. Find out if the pet deposit reasonable. Most communities charge around $200 per pet, but larger breed dogs may require a larger deposit.

    If you do have a dog, find out what the weight and breed restrictions are. Many Florida apartment communities will not accept “aggressive breeds”, which usually includes Pitt Bulls and Dobermans. Find out if they will allow you to keep Fido before you consider a lease.

    Some communities may charge a small additional fee each month for your furry friend. You can avoid surprises by making sure you know exactly how much extra having your pet will cost.

  • Animals and Apartment Living

    Not sure what to expect in an apartment with a pet? Make sure you cover all your bases and think about your pets' needs in addition to your own.

    The first aspect you must think about when moving to a Melbourne or Daytona apartment with pets is the amount of space. You might love the small studio, but larger breed and high energy dogs need more living space than cats or smaller dogs. Older dogs may have trouble getting up several flights of stairs everyday. If you have a puppy or “accident” prone dog, steer away from carpet. Tile and hardwood are far easier to clean up.

    Living in a Melbourne or Daytona apartment can be comfortable for both you and your pets with a little bit of foresight.

  • Pet Friendly Communities

    Living in a Daytona or Melbourne apartment with a pet requires you to spend a little more time finding the perfect place. You want to make sure your new home is just as great a fit for your pet as it is for you. For cats, and screened in patio is a safe place that will offer hours of entertainment. For dogs, look for pet friendly communities that offer designated pet walking areas or dog parks. Also, large and small dogs can have different needs. A small dog will need less space and may only need a small walking area, while a larger dog will require a larger apartment and more space to run and play. Go to Pets allowed page to start your seach.

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